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          Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

          STTT-R series thermocouple is manufactured with stainless steel tube, filled with heat-conductive material and sealing material. With a small and delicate structure, it used to monitor temperature for instruments and meters, and precision constant-temperature device.

          STTT-T series thermocouple is either manufactured with stainless steel tube or MI wire. It is easy to install with its small size, and applicable to measure the temperature for precision device, constant-temperature equipment, conduit, and etc.
          STTT-C1 series thermocouple employs standard connector for a convenient in field connection and maintenance. The product is suitable for temperature measurement for precision instruments, portable device, and etc.
          STTT-H series thermocouple is manufactured with mineral insulated (MI) sheath and used to measure temperature for water, gas, heat ventilation and etc.
          STTT-F series thermocouple is encapsulated by metal shell, filled with heat conductive material and sealing material. It is suits to measure the surface temperature.
          STTT-A series thermocouple has a structure with mechanical spring, making measurement side closely connected with measured object and enhancing the response time and accuracy. This product is broadly applicable to temperature monitor for plastic machine, mold, bearing and etc.



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